How To Wear Fishnets?

How to wear fishnets?

Fishnets are a very hot trend. Controversial, brave and not that easy to style as it seems. Fashionistas can go a bit braver with styling, but wearing them to work can be a bit tricky.

Fishnets are tights made of net that can be woven onto different shapes, like rhombuses, circles, hexagons. Depending on styling they can be seductive or subtle and elegant. Fishnets can be tricky to wear as they have the tendency to make legs appear bigger.

What is worth knowing about fishnets:

  • They are best to wear during Spring, Summer and Autumn, they are not recommended during Winter due to its structure
  • These are the only tights that look good when worn with open toe shoes, well apart from Velia tights at least.
  • It’s best to wear fishnets made of quality fabric/thread. As they are made from thin fabric thread, therefore more prone to be damaged - the quality manufacturing process and quality of material used will make all the difference to how long the fishnets will last.
  • Fishnets can be quite provocative; therefore it’s important to match them with clothing and accessories carefully. Worn with leather or denim skirt they can look vulgar. Fishnets matched with top that is quite deep cut, mini skirt and/or high heels is likely to bring a lot of attention, but not necessarily the type of attention we intended to get. When wearing fishnets it’s best not to put legs on full display. When wearing shorts its good idea to pair them with boots, and when wearing heels, a pencil skirt will be a great match.
  • The smaller the design on fishnet, the more subtle the look.

Fishnets and Dresses

Fishnets worn with dress made of knitted fabric is a very good choice. This styling will work well during the day, but also is a great for evening event. Fishnets with smaller holes (the subtle ones) will work really well with simple dresses exposing half thigh (but not shorter, mini dresses). Without any additional accessories and not exposing the décolleté, this combination will look very interesting, yet tasteful.

Fishnets with larger design are better to wear in the evening or late afternoon. During the day they can be too provocative – especially when worn at work. Black fishnets work really well with an evening dress featuring open back. For special occasions you can go for fishnets with sequins or glitter.

Fishnets and mini skirt match well with slightly oversized jumper or top. Also a jacket or blazer, specifically a simple one will work well with this combination, you will achieve a nice casual and on trend look.

Fishnets and trousers

Fishnets worn under jeans are a big hit on Instagram. It’s best to wear them with jeans with big rips. Fishnets peeking through jeans get people attention and look interesting. Heavy shoes, military style work really well with this combination.

Knee highs fishnets are good to combine with elegant trousers. Elegant heels decorated with glitter will look very daring, and sneakers like you are not trying hard, either way, an interesting look.

Urszula Pietrzyk
Urszula Pietrzyk