Coquette Lingerie: Why it’s So Special

From a single sewing machine in a Canadian one-bed apartment to international renown in over 64 countries, the Coquette brand of exquisite lingerie has come a long way. And rightly so. With a little sexy something for everyone, let us tell you why you should give Coquette lingerie some serious attention.


Romantic to Risqué

Looking for something subtle and sexy? Check out the pretty lace intimates and delicately coloured Lilac and Lace babydoll. While the blushing bridal bustier is the ultimate in demure femininity, for more ‘va va voom’, choose from sultry pieces in attention-grabbing colours. If you really want to push the boundaries, go for the Darque wet-look range. Add a hint of S&M with a moulded tank top or go full-on fetish with boned corset, gloves and crotchless briefs. Team with your favourite stilettos and your special someone will get a night they’ll remember.


Sexy for All Sizes

Coquette lingerie prides itself on having a piece that will instil you with the confidence to embrace your individual sexuality. Whether you’ve a petite figure or voluptuous curves, there’s an item of Coquette lingerie that’ll leave you feeling like the goddess you are.


Detailed Design

The quality of Coquette lingerie is second-to-none. Lacy chemises will wow with their delicate detail. Boned corsets will dazzle with elaborate embroidery and luxurious satin. The look can be modern and edgy, or reminiscent of 17th century burlesque. But it is always elegant, sophisticated and classy.


Colour Me Sexy

Timeless blacks and whites sit alongside every colour from subtle pastels to bold primaries - a colour for your every mood. If you want something delicate and sensual, go for a Floral Fantasies chemise. Want to grab someone’s attention? The racy, bold colouring of Electric Blue or Red with Desire will do the trick.


Corset Heaven

No piece of lingerie is more synonymous with sensuality. And no one does it better than Coquette. A well-designed corset will create a cleavage where there isn’t one or showcase where there’s plenty. Whatever your figure, a Coquette corset will hug your every curve and gift you a silhouette you can be sure people will die for.


For every figure, personality, style and occasion, check out the Coquette range of lingerie

Urszula Pietrzyk
Urszula Pietrzyk