Buying Lingerie for Your Girlfriend: Top Tips

Fellas, listen up. We understand there are few things more guaranteed to strike fear into your heart than the prospect of buying lingerie for your girlfriend. But with our handy hints below, fear no more.

Guess at Your Lingerie Peril

Heading straight to the shop? Stop right there. A little research and you can prevent a lingerie headache (you) and tears (both of you). Your first step is to find out her size – not the size of that strapless bustier she bought five years ago and can’t bring herself to throw out – her current size, guys. Watch which underwear she wears now. But beware studying her labels as she removes her bra (or you do) – a passion-killer if ever there was. Offer to do the laundry and browse at your leisure. Once she’s over the initial shock, it’s a win-win for both of you.

Research Her Knicker Drawer

Watch for her normal style. Is she girly or vixen? Does she favour full briefs or skimpy thongs? If you want to play it safe, stick to something similar to what she already wears. Know you have an adventurous chick? Try something a little more risqué like our burlesque-inspired Coquette range. Whatever her style, think quality. You want to impress. At Naughty Dorothy, we have everything from cute babydolls to vampy black lace corsets. Don’t go too far out of her comfort zone on the first go. Unless you know that’s what she likes.

Skip the Embarrassment and Shop Online

Don’t be the male shopping cliché loitering around the undies. Go online and peruse the ranges on offer from the safety of your sofa. Naughty Dorothy delivers free for orders over £30 and you’ll get your goods by First Class mail within a week. What’s more, it comes in discreet packaging with no mention of the sexiness inside. You don’t need to worry about a grilling from your flatmate or a knowing look from the postman.

Choose Your Lingerie Advisers Wisely

If you need counsel. Choose carefully. Your happily married mates? Could work. A group of your single mates? Nah. Your sister? Depends on the sister. Her sister? Only if you want to be single again. Either of your mothers? Hell no.

Bend the Lingerie Truth

‘So my friend wants to get his girlfriend lingerie for her birthday… any ideas?’ Your girlfriend may well twig straightaway. If she does, but plays along anyway, you know you’ve a keeper.

Give Her Lingerie Options

If you’re still baffled by the array of suspenders, balconette bras and vintage knickers on offer, just ask her. She could pick out a selection of garments she likes and leave you to make the final decision. That way, the element of surprise is still yours.

Naughty Dorothy has something to suit every style in an exquisite mix of soft fabrics, ribbon and fine embroidery. Check out a description of our ranges here.

Urszula Pietrzyk
Urszula Pietrzyk